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The Squiggle Pattern - the making of

Updated: Jan 3

To make the above fabric I took graphite and ink wash drawings like this from years ago, and upped the contrast to pull out some shapes. I digitized the shapes and programmatically translated them in the x,y directions according to some audio data I had. I exported the translated shapes and made them into a repeat pattern. Then I plotted that repeat pattern onto mylar, and exposed a screen with it. Printed iron mordant paste through the screen onto fabric, dyed it in a pomegranate bath and voila! Squiggle pattern fabric to make things with- like quilts, bags, and garments!

  • Digitize original drawings

  • Increase contrast to create svg's I can digitally manipulate

  • Translate svg's through html and javascript code to make data-driven compositions

  • Create a repeat pattern in Illustrator, export to Inkscape


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